ValPromise Roadshow in The Second Guangdong-HK-Macao Bay Area Blockchain Future Technology Summit.

On March 20th, ValPromise participated in The Second Guangdong-HK-Macao Bay Area Blockchain Future Technology Summit in Shenzhen. The theme of the summit was “Blockchain - A Future Technology Leads Industry Innovation”.

The mobile value commitment trading platform based on blockchain from ValPromise received a lot of attention. During the summit meeting, ValPromise's publicity platform attracted many people, who expressed strong interest in ValPromise's forthcoming disintermediated distribution system of financial products and the introduction of weather contracts and insurances from Tianqibao.

After the evening banquet, ValPromise's founder and keynote guest, Xiang Tao, introduced ValPromise in detail like the application scenarios and innovations for the investors, entrepreneurs and blockchain enthusiasts.

Xiang Tao said that VPP uses weather insurance as the breakthrough point and will eventually evolve into a global financial derivative contract (linked objective index) distribution - trading system.

He also stated that the VPP project can be perfectly applied in the following areas: index insurance, such as weather insurance; OTC commodities & precious metals futures; OTC futures and options; various types of off-exchange options linked to stocks, futures, and foreign exchange indices; forecast contracts for objective and public indicators and so on.

In addition, VPP project will effectively meet the risk hedge service requirements from real-world and significantly reduce the threshold for participants. The system's initial business-weather insurance has entered the market and has already served hundreds of thousands of real economy users.
ValPromise's team owns the first-rate background and perfect cooperation. So far, ValPromise has obtained two rounds of Chinese famous investors legal tender investment. At present, the issuance of the token has been subscribed by Qtum, Wang Lijie and so on.

To thank all the participants and investors at the summit to support ValPromise, Xiang Tao gave each of them a gift of 30VPP with full of sincerity after the speech.

This weekend, ValPromise will bring a better roadshow at the 2018 Asia Pacific Blockchain Summit in Tokyo. Please look forward to it.

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