ValPromise Road Show: How to Create a No-Threshold Financial World with Blockchain

On Mar. 17th, the Mars Blockchain Summit: Blockchain Will Build Barrierless Financial World held in Shenzhen has attracted a lot of experts and enthusiasts from blockchain and financial industry to participate and communicate. As the guest speaker, the founder of ValPromsie, Xiang Tao brought a fun speech to the audience as well as the users who watched the live broadcast online.

During this activity, Xiang Tao said that ValPromise is committed to building a decentaralized financial product release system through blockchain technology, which could directly connect the designers and users of financial products and reduce the cost resulting from the existence of a large number of intermediaries.

When talking about one of the topics of this summit - Blockchain, he stated that blockchain is a technology system which can be maintained by multiple parties, use blockchain structure to store data, use cryptography to ensure the security of transmission and access and achieve consistent storage of data. Xiang was convinced that this untampered and undeniable system will bring infinite imagination to people around the world.

Xiang Tao's passionate speech not only won the recognition of the audience, but also sparked a heated discussion about blockchain and finance.

In order to thank all the participants, Xiang Tao also gave each of them a gift of 50VPP with full of sincerity.

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